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20 Nov 2018

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Given the speed and unpredictability with which the world is changing, businesses need the assurance that all employees are consistently making decisions in a way that helps the company achieve its objectives.

To gain increasing visibility and roles as strategic advisors to business leaders, communication professionals at every level of a business need to know how their company makes money and operates systemically as a total business.  Communication professionals need to know how to hold a meaningful dialogue with business leaders and how their work drives the business forward.

This Business Acumen Certificate Program consists of eight 15-20 minute online modules covering the basics of business and a capstone simulation where you can apply the lessons you have learned.



By the end of this program, you will:

Know the three basic strategies or value propositions a company can follow to achieve business success, and the importance of executing the strategy consistently across all functions

•Understand the structure and role of three critical financial and reporting tools: the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement

•Recognize the steps in an effective sales process from before the first contact through winning the business and maintaining an ongoing relationship

•Know how the marketing function allows a company to move from idea to finished product/service in order to generate revenue

•Be able to apply basic business acumen to make operational decisions that support a chosen strategy and drive for profitable results 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate IABC Academy

Learning Credits

Welcome to BA101 - Business Acumen for Communicators
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Introduction to Strategy
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Introduction to Financial Management
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Introduction to the Income Statement, Part 1
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Introduction to the Income Statement, Part 2
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Introduction to the Balance Sheet
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Introduction to the Cash Flow Statement
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Introduction to Sales
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Introduction to Marketing
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Select Next Module to Advance
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Course Evaluation
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I am glad I took this course, and certainly learned from it. It does need a freshening up in presentation and technology.
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