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Presented by Donna Papacosta This course explains the value of content marketing for organizations and outlines how to get started reaping the benefits: increased inbound traffic to your site, better brand awareness, stronger engagement with your target audience, and ultimately leads and sales. Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications in Toronto, Canada, has been a practitioner of social media for more than 10 years. She has worked with dozens of organizations to help them reap the benefits of linking their content marketing and social media strategies. Co-author of The Business of Podcasting, she is a recognized leader in the podcasting field and is an expert in audio as a form of content marketing. A workshop leader and international speaker, Donna also teaches digital strategy and social media at the University of Toronto. Read More

Presented by Jennie Donohue, M.B.A. Creating communication tactics that drive business results requires more than just the successful execution of creative concepts. Professionals need to understand how to align their activities with organizational goals and monitor and measure their work for maximum effectiveness. This hands-on course will help participants break down key components of the communication planning process, offering a thoughtful approach and practical tips related to the strategic development of communication tactics. Jennie Donohue, M.B.A., is an award-winning communication professional and educator, bringing more than 20 years of industry-leading in-house and agency experience into the classroom. She is passionate about experiential learning and bridging the gap between theory and practice in her work as a senior professional lecturer in the communication department at Marist College in New York. Jennie’s professional background spans multiple industries from food to financial services as well as a variety of communication disciplines. She earned her M.B.A. at Suffolk University in Boston as well as holds a B.A. in public relations and international relations from Syracuse University. Read More

  Instructor: Marilyn Barefoot Many of us have endured bad brainstorming sessions – where the most frequent insight is: “That would never work” and the end result is: “Keep doing what we’re doing, only do it better, faster, or re-package it in a different colour”. New ideas are like oxygen. They energize. They stimulate. They nourish. A brand is like the human body – if you only breathe the air you just exhaled, you’ll perish. But where do big ideas come from – and how do you get them? How do you facilitate a highly engaging, creatively focused brainstorming session that people look forward to attending … instead of dreading? Through this high energy, hands-on session, delegates will learn a wide range of unique brainstorming and facilitation techniques that will guarantee that you achieve big ideas. Every great team has a sparkplug, a unique energy source, an active ingredient… someone who helps to give the team a personality. For Barefoot Brainstorming, that someone is Marilyn Barefoot. Classically trained in tier one companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, General Mills, Nike and Microsoft, Marilyn combines a wickedly smart and analytical brain with an intuitive gut.  A summa cum laude graduate from major advertising agencies like Vickers & Benson, Bozell Palmer Bonner, Cossette Communications and BBDO, Marilyn is obsessive about originality. A three time nominee for the Rotman Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Marilyn Barefoot is also a much sought after speaker.  A hands-on leader, Marilyn’s high-energy brainstorming sessions lead to powerful results. Marilyn is the one who inspires teams to look at every project as an opportunity to be original!  Read More

Presented by Sandra Pakosh, ABC In this course, attendees will gain a sense of how to move from output management to outcomes leadership based on common workplace scenarios. Strategic management requires that leaders at all levels—managers, individual contributors, contractors and partners—create mindsets and behaviors to help transform an organization from a current state to a new one with the vision that sets the way to deliver real value to internal teams, customers and key stakeholders. As an accredited business communicator (ABC), workshop leader and consultant, Sandra Pakosh is known for engaging teams and stakeholders in organizational strategies. She built brands for leading global technology and growth-stage companies before transitioning to work with issue-based and social change nonprofit organizations. Sandra is also a recipient of IABC/Toronto OVATION Awards. Read More

  Your Instructor: IABC Fellow, Consultant and Author Roger D’Aprix, ABC   Digital technology has given us unprecedented power to deliver information instantly to mass audiences, informing them of events, decisions and leadership actions almost the minute they occur. But such technology has also imposed a heavy burden of interpretation on those audiences. How can today’s communicator help people connect the dots in a world changing at warp speed? The age-old employee question remains: what does this all mean to me? The answer lies in providing the context that enables people to truly understand their lives in today’s bewildering workplace. How you can develop and deliver that meaning by supplying context around leadership actions, events and decisions is the course content. Roger D’Aprix is internationally recognized as one of the pioneers in shaping the practice of corporate employee communication. His 1982 book “Communicating for Productivity” is generally recognized as the first call to make organizational communication a strategic process in a world then beginning to explode with workplace change. That seminal work has influenced the strategy and planning of a generation or more of communicators. Roger’s career has been a mix of corporate and communication- consulting leadership positions, including Xerox Corporation and G.E., Towers Perrin and Mercer Human Resource Consulting. He is the author of seven books on employee communication, including the best-selling “Communicating for Change: Connecting the Workplace with the Marketplace” and “The Credible Company” both under the Jossey-Bass imprint. His latest work is “Creating an Engaged Workforce: the Face-to-Face Communication Toolkit” available from ROI Communication ( where he continues in an advisory role. Read More

 Facilitated by Jim Shaffer IABC Fellow Many communication practitioners want to add measurable value but they don't know where to start. Using client stories, this interactive presentation offers a step-by-step approach to becoming a strategic adviser who helps drive measurable business results and value by connecting the communication strategy to the business strategy. It will teach people how to ask the right questions, identify the right business measures and develop and execute plans that create real ROI. Jim Shaffer is an internationally recognized business adviser, leadership coach, author, speaker and leader of the Jim Shaffer Group, a team of seasoned advisers devoted to improving strategy execution through strong leaders and engaged people. The firm has significantly improved quality, service, sales, safety, turnover, productivity, speed and costs with some returns exceeding 1,000 per cent. Prior to starting the Jim Shaffer Group, Jim was a principal, vice president and global leader of a Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson) center of excellence. He was an architect and leading practitioner of the firm’s change management consulting practice. His book, The Leadership Solution immediately became a classic treatise on leadership, change management and creating high performance organizations. He received the International Association of Business Communicators’ prestigious Fellow award, the highest honor IABC bestows on an individual. IABC Members - Use the email address and password you use to access the members only area at to see member price. Read More

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