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Given the speed and unpredictability with which the world is changing, businesses need the assurance that all employees are consistently making decisions in a way that helps the company achieve its objectives. To gain increasing visibility and roles as strategic advisors to business leaders, communication professionals at every level of a business need to know how their company makes money and operates systemically as a total business.  Communication professionals need to know how to hold a meaningful dialogue with business leaders and how their work drives the business forward. This Business Acumen Certificate Program consists of eight 15-20 minute online modules covering the basics of business and a capstone simulation where you can apply the lessons you have learned.   Read More

Leading Through Change Communication Most internal communications are involved in some form of change. However, as communication professionals we need to do more than create awareness – we need to be a part of the whole process of managing transformation.  This course recognizes that and provides early insights into the change process and how we, as communicators, can help organizations explore the questions we need to ask and the core steps that need to be reflected in our change communication strategies. This course is designed as an introduction to those new to this area of internal communications, or new to the organizational communication discipline in general. If you are a senior communicator, it may serve as a helpful refresher for you or introduce you to a new model of change. In this course, you will not only be introduced to research-backed change theories, but you will also begin to understand how those principles can support you in the creation of your own change communication strategy. Mapping out what is changing, why and when, can help you integrate the communication approach and messages you’ll need to help your audience understand and support change. Instructor: Dr. Julie M. Bjorkman As a results-oriented change communication and organization development (OD) expert, Dr. Bjorkman’s career over the past 30 years includes working with multi-national companies going through large-scale change. By using data-based research methods, she identifies and creates the appropriate change intervention and communication strategies to develop a full range of deliverables to engage and retain the workforce. Her professional experiences with large corporations such as GE, HSBC, British Petroleum, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals have given her a wealth of on-the-job experience with organizational change. Dr. Bjorkman is originally from northeast Ohio where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English from John Carroll University and her master’s degree in OD from Case Western Reserve University. She completed her Ph.D. in organization development and change from Benedictine University with a research focus on change communications. She is a published author on change communications and continues to conduct research, write, and consult with organizations on this topic. Read More

The IABC Model for Communication Excellence: How to apply the strategic planning process Every effective communication campaign starts with a plan. With IABC’s Model for Communication Excellence course, you will learn how to use the IABC work plan template to develop and improve your communication plans. Your instructors in this course are five award-winning communicators representing every facet of business communications who are here to guide you through the process with tips and insights along the way. This communication model can be applied to the planning process for almost any communication campaign.  Work smarter with the IABC Model for Communication Excellence! Your instructors: Cindy Schmieg, ABC, SCMP, IABC Fellow, is an award-winning strategic communicator and educator. With 30+ years of senior corporate, agency, and consulting experience in multiple industries, Cindy now teaches online in the communication master’s degree program at Southern New Hampshire University. She was recognized as an IABC Fellow in 2017 and has held leadership positions within IABC, including the 2012 Career Road Map Committee, 2018 Gold Quill Awards Chair, and 2013-2016 member of the International Executive Board.  Neil Griffiths, ABC, Chart.PR, IABC Fellow, is senior manager for global communication and global inclusion lead at ERM, the world’s largest sustainability consultancy. With a focus on corporate communication and inclusion, Neil has worked in communication management for 15+ years across public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Neil has held numerous leadership positions within IABC, including being a member of the inaugural Global Communication Certification Council. Neil chaired the 2018 IABC World Conference in Montreal and is past chair of IABC’s EMENA region. He has received the IABC Regional Leader of the Year and the Rae Hamlin Award for services to professional certification. In 2019, Neil was named an IABC Fellow. Together with co-author Deborah Hinton, Neil has published two studies on the current and future state of the communication profession and advocates for channeling your best communication self regardless of where and how you work.  Neil has been using a strategic communication management approach that aligns with IABC’s Global Standard and accepted good practice for more than a decade, applying this across internal and external projects. Mari Lee, ABC, uses the power of communication to positively influence change in individuals, companies, and communities, achieving business results and social impact. Mari has won more than 30 international awards using the IABC model for communication excellence as a base for her work as a communication professional, receiving the IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence and the Gold Quill Best of the Best Award on four occasions. Mari uses her experience and foundation in development communication to facilitate critical conversations about what needs to happen, focusing on the people in the process rather than simply broadcasting messages. Research and measuring impact are at the heart of the strategic communication science that Mari has developed into an artful skillset. Mari works with a dynamic team of fellow-communicators in DevCom, the communication consultancy she founded in 2005.​ Dr. Amanda Hamilton-Attwell, ABC, CPRP, IABC Fellow, is the founder and CEO of Business DNA. Amanda is as passionate about the communication profession today as she was when she entered it more than 30 years ago as a newly qualified journalist. Since then, she has filled communication roles in newsrooms, lecture halls, factories, and many mines. Over the years, she served as a mentor for numerous young and more experienced communication professionals, as giving back to the profession is one of her values.  She has participated as an evaluator in both local and international IABC awards programs for many years. Amanda served in many local and global leadership roles in the IABC, among others, as chair of the IABC Africa Region and on the IABC Executive Board as trustee of the IABC Research Foundation. She was the 2014 IABC Gold Quill Award Chair and instrumental in the new Quill entry and evaluation process. The role she treasured most was being the Co-chair of the IABC Career Road Map Committee that developed the Global Standard, the Principles of the Communication Profession, and the Career Road Map. Amanda received the IABC Chairman’s Award in 2014, and in 2015 she was named IABC Fellow. She has published several articles on women in leadership, entrepreneurship, and corporate communication. Zora Artis, GAICD, SCMP, FAMI, CPM, is the CEO and founder of Artis Advisory in Melbourne, Australia. Artis Advisory is a strategic advisory practice focused on helping clients succeed, whether it’s solving a business problem or leveraging opportunities through better organizational alignment, engagement, and communication. Zora has almost three decades of experience in business, marketing, communication, advertising, and branding. Zora is a certified company director with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a certified Strategic Communication Management Professional, a Fellow and Certified Practising Marketer of the Australian Marketing Institute, and she holds master's degrees in commerce and marketing. She is the current chair of IABC Asia Pacific Region board and a past director on the IABC International Executive Board (2016-2019). She’s the recipient of several IABC Gold Quill Awards and the IABC Chairman’s Award in 2015. Zora has served as a Gold Quill Awards Blue Ribbon Panel evaluator and a judge of the Australian Marketing Institute Awards.  Zora has recently researched and published two white papers. The first, "Strategic Alignment: How communicators can change the face of leadership," was a first-of-its-kind study with Wayne Aspland focused on alignment in organizations with a communication and leadership lens. The second, "Going Beyond Engagement: The business value of internal communications for the C-suite," is a deep dive into the value of internal communication in a time of rapid business, technological and political disruption. Read More

 Facilitated by Jeff Zwier “Do more with less” is a mantra that most of us in the communications field have gotten used to hearing. And since most of us see the communications function as fundamentally people-intensive, that means longer hours, lower quality, and a lot of stress to get our jobs done. Or does it? There has been an explosion in the development of new technologies, services and methods that promise to dramatically improve your ability to deliver better, more impactful communications in less time and at lower cost than ever before. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify opportunities to automate your work, stretch your budget and improve the quality of your communications program through the latest in innovative content creation and delivery methods, services and technologies. Please view this preview of the course. Jeff Zwier is a strategic communications leader and consultant helping organizations navigate change, implement leading-edge communications technologies, connect with their employees and get the most strategic value from their communications function. He has been featured as a speaker at global communications conferences as well as at several past IABC Chicago events. In addition to his current consulting role, he is an active author and instructor on organizational communications and change management. You can learn more about Jeff’s work via his LinkedIn posts or through his blog, The Art and Science of Business Communications ( Read More

   Presented by: Mary-Ellen Hynd, MBA, CPCC Leaders with emotional intelligence and training are needed at every level of an organization. During this workshop series, you will find clarity in your personal values as well as a deepened understanding of creative competencies versus reactive tendencies. Who should attend Mid career professionals seeking personal growth, improved relationships and career advancement Business owners ready to move their people and organization forward and up to the next level A Certified Professional Co-Active Global Coach, Mary-Ellen Hynd, MBA, CPCC, ACC specializes in coaching mid to senior level professionals within and outside organizations to develop a creative versus reactive leadership mindset to advance in their lives and careers. An Executive Coach and Educator for the Schulich Executive Education Centre, she brings sustainability and communication lenses to her assignments. Mary-Ellen is certified to deliver The Leadership Circle Profile™. Read More

Presented by Peggy O’Keefe   Communication strategies need to address diverse audiences, and developing compelling messages across generations can be challenging for both seasoned and emerging professionals. To establish rapport and credibility with people outside your peer group requires an awareness of generational differences in learning styles, presentation techniques and technology preferences. Presenting to a mixed-age audience compounds the issue. Using a case study approach, this course will explore the complexities a communicator faces when devising a communication strategy for internal or external audiences across the generational spectrum, and how to bridge the potential gaps. Learn how to assess an audience from a generational perspective, and develop strategies for successful message design, media and technology delivery choices, and recognizing audience engagement and disengagement—and what to do about it. Peggy O’Keefe is a business communication professional with experience as a corporate executive, educator, and consultant in strategic media communication and technology. Corporate experience includes corporate communication executive positions in Bankers Trust and The First Boston Corporation; and as a Vice President of Multimedia Communication in the Global Technology divisions of JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs. Early training as an educator inspired a human focus to her executive roles, emphasizing staff development, mentoring, and coaching.  In addition to global media technology management, her corporate work included recruitment, diversity management, and piloting flexible work arrangements. As an educator she focuses on university, executive, and professional/workforce development programs. She teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate level Marketing, Business Cross-cultural and Communication, Career Development, and Leadership and Human Capital Management courses at New York University, and Baruch College. Professional interests include cross-cultural communication and diversity management, particularly in intergenerational workplace relations. Her experience, expertise, and insights on these topics have been shared as a speaker and panelist at professional conferences. Read More

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