Succeeding in Internal Communications – Behind the Scenes with Effective Project Management

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Rhonda J. Rathje, APR 
“Suit up and show up.”

Once called a “rock,” Rhonda Rathje is known for moving forward and making things happen. If you want something done, ask her.  When it comes to dotting I’s and crossing T’s, Ms. Rathje is the master of details. Her legacy is to leave things better than when she found them.
Ms. Rathje is a seasoned veteran of public relations at Verizon, American Airlines and Walmart including employee communications, executive communications, media relations, storytelling and community relations. Her understanding of how communications positively impacts a business, her top-notch writing skills, and her enthusiasm for effective communications are strong assets of Ms. Rathje. She brings a holistic approach to every communications issue, along with strong project management skills.
With her go-get- ‘em attitude, she is an accomplished project manager and planner – always intent on delivering results. As a seasoned pro, Ms. Rathje has developed numerous employee communications programs; she has directed employee engagement initiatives; and she has built and led teams to solve business problems.

Welcome to “Succeeding in Internal Communications – Behind the Scenes with Effective Project Management.” 

As an Internal Communicator for your company, you not only need to know the ABCs of communications, but you must deliver and demonstrate results. Yet, many well-intended initiatives fail to deliver, despite the time and resources invested in them.

As the world becomes more complex, your business becomes more challenging. That means people need special tools, techniques and knowledge to handle their project management assignments, such as justifying your project, developing objectives and schedules, obtaining commitment from your team (stakeholders) for a project, delegating, holding people accountable and assessing the overall situation.

In fact, project management is noted as a top five competency considered most important for a successful Internal Communication (IC) practitioner. To further this point, project management skills are increasingly in demand.

Achieving excellence in project management will also help you:

  • Improve your overall management skills, which will enhance your overall marketability
  • Demonstrate that you mean business and you can get things done
  • Deliver – results and outcomes – for your business
  • Focus on the real work that needs to be done, thus helping you be more effective and value-added

That’s why you can also consider project management as an investment in yourself.

For some who have experience in project management, this course may serve as a refresher and provide you with new approaches to project managing. For those new to project management – as well as leading a project – you’ll learn valuable tips and tools to apply to your everyday work project.  For others, it will provide you with the essentials of basic project management skills so you can demonstrate your value to your organization.

As you progress through the course, you will be asked to apply what you have learned to a case study, develop a project plan and test your recall of the material presented.


This expert instructor provided all of the content and learning activities you will encounter in this course.  As this is an asynchronous course, it is designed to be a self-paced, independent-study program.  If you require guidance or assistance, the Academy team will be happy to help.  Use the "Questions" tab to post a new question.


Over the course of four lessons you will:

  • Learn the various phases of project management and how to build a project description, along with a project plan
  • Learn how a project manager can make or break a project, plus learn skills and tips necessary to be a successful project manager – communicating, leading and building a team
  • Understand the fundamentals of a project so you can set realistic goals and objectives that are key to your project’s success
  • Learn how to build, manage and direct an internal communications initiative through effective project management – how to create a plan, implement it, monitor progress, correct as necessary and deliver as promised
  • Assess and monitor risks to a project and mitigate them
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of organizational dynamics in project management
  • Discover the importance of communications to a better project and, thus, successful project management

After completing all lessons, you’ll know what it takes to be an effective and efficient project manager. You’ll improve a skillset that is increasingly important in today’s world, along with skills and tips that you can apply to your day-to-day communication tasks, as well as apply to any project you are assigned to lead.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate IABC Academy

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Completing this Course
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Lesson 1 Introduction
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Why Project Manage?
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Case Study
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The Role of the Project Manager
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Influencing Without Authority
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Influence Leads to Leadership
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Knowledge Check
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Teamwork and Collaboration
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Providing Direction to Your Team
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Knowledge Check
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Lesson 1 Summary
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Lesson 1 Quiz
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Lesson 1 Application Assignment
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Lesson 2 Introduction
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Step 1: Planning
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Case Study
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Step 2: Identify the Players
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Step 3: Risks and Disruptions
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Step 4: Outline the Deliverables and Tasks
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Knowledge Check
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Guiding Principles for Your Team
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Where to Start When Building a Plan
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Outputs and Outcomes
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Knowledge Check
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Identifying Key Deliverables
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Lesson 2 Summary
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Lesson 2 Quiz
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Lesson 2 Application Assignment
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Lesson 3 Introduction
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Implementing and Executing
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The Kick-Off Meeting
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Case Study
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The 3R's of Keeping Your Project on Track
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Effective Communication Leads to Successful Projects
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Knowledge Check
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Essential Communication Skills
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When to Communicate
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Knowledge Check
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Lesson 3 Summary
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Lesson 3 Quiz
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Lesson 3 Application Assignment
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Lesson 4 Introduction
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Continuing Our Communications Discussion
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Meeting Management
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Case Study
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I’m at the head of the table. Now what?
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Status Update Meeting
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Knowledge Check
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Managing Workflow – Project Reporting
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Project Closure
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Wait, There’s More?
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Knowledge Check
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Lesson 4 Summary
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Lesson 4 Application Assignment
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Lesson 4 Quiz
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Course Survey
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This is a solid primer in project management and very clearly laid out.
Added over 3 years ago, by Leona
Added over 3 years ago, by Anonymous
This is a project management course with only a bit of focus on communications, mostly in the case study and few comments added throughout the course. The additions muddy the waters. Rather than giving better information, it’s just more information. It has some value, but it was not as valuable or relevant as I was hoping it would be.

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