Using Social Media as a Crisis Brand Newsroom

7 modules


Nicole Matejic

03 Oct 2017



Presented by: Nicole Matejic, MA, Author, CEO Info Ops HQ, Managing Partner Quantum CIQ

When a crisis occurs, what you say and do next on social media will define your brand legacy and SEO.

In this webinar series, expert crisis communicator Nicole Matejic will give you the practical tools and knowledge you need to establish and deploy a social media crisis brand newsroom that gives your organization the ability to drive your crisis narrative. From planning to the role of your organizational leaders, this webinar series will demonstrate why social media is an essential component of your crisis communications toolkit.

Nicole is an internationally recognized communications expert. Founder and CEO of the civil-military think-do tank Info Ops HQ and co-founder of Communications Agency Quantum CIQ, Nicole is a regular speaker to and trainer for NATO and is trusted by Governments around the world and the communities they serve in providing strategic and tactical advice during crises, particularly in the areas of preventing violent extremism, counter terrorism and public diplomacy.

Working on some of Australia's largest military acquisition projects, Nicole spent over four years with the Australian Department of Defence in Strategic Communications and Ministerial Services. Prior to her time with Defence, Nicole was an operational Australian Border Force officer.

Nicole is also an adjunct lecturer at Charles Stuart University and RMIT University.

Her first book 'Social Media Rules of Engagement' was published by Wiley in 2015.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Establish and deploy a social media crisis brand newsroom for your organization or brand
  • Plan for and prepare your team for high-tempo social media crisis communications
  • Demonstrate organizational leadership during a crisis to maintain audience trust
  • Use social media data as a business intelligence tool during a crisis


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate IABC Academy

Learning Credits

Completing this On-Demand Workshop
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Planning for crisis and your social media crisis brand newsroom
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How to maintain trust and demonstrate leadership via your social media crisis brand newsroom
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Using social media as a business intelligence tool during crisis
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Evaluating the effectiveness of your social media crisis brand newsroom
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Course Resource Page - Using Social Media as a Crisis Brand Newsroom
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Course Evaluation Survey
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