Strategic Engagement: Engaging Leaders to Engage Others

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 ‘Strategic Engagement: Engaging Leaders to Engage Others’ is your ticket to the solution of one of the most critical issues facing business today—namely, how to raise the employee engagement levels in our organizations from a paltry 33% to more like a majority of the workforce. Current engagement levels, according to the Gallup Organization, are costing American businesses anywhere from three to five billion dollars a year in lost productivity, absenteeism, talent retention and accidents. Gallup asserts from their long-standing research that the leading culprit in this scenario is ‘lousy managers.’ This course examines the necessity to engage employees strategically through more effective leadership at all levels of the organization and highlights the challenges and opportunities you will face in assisting your own leadership in this vital task.

Strategic engagement, like strategic communication, raises engagement from a mere wish to a deliberate organizational strategy that enlists all of the interested parties from the CEO to the team leader in a concerted effort to address the engagement deficit. Anything less than an integrated strategy with engaged leaders deliberately working to engage others is unlikely to succeed.


This expert instructor provided all of the content and learning activities you will encounter in this course.  As this is an asynchronous course, it is designed to be a self-paced, independent-study program.  If you require guidance or assistance, the Academy team will be happy to help.  Use the "Questions" tab to post a new question.

Instructor Bio:  

Roger D’Aprix is internationally known for his influence on the evolution of organizational communication. He is a long-time pioneer in shaping the strategic internal- communication practices that we now accept as commonplace in all kinds of organizations. In his 1996 best-selling book ‘Communicating for Change: Connecting the Workplace with the Marketplace,’ he offered the view that effective organizational communication must be proactive rather than reactive and focused on the marketplace as the first cause. In brief, he argued that it must be strategic. In this self-paced course he brings to bear the same strategic mindset to the complex process of increasing employee engagement.


IABC Academy Category: Communication Strategy and Engagement

Category Description: A communication professional identifies and communicates with employees, customers, shareholders, regulators, government agencies and other groups with an interest in the organization’s activities. These groups have the potential to affect the organization’s results. The communication professional fosters and nourishes relationships with them that will support the organization’s mission and execute the organization's business strategy.  


After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the primary influencers of employee engagement;

  • Determine the measureable objectives that rationalize employee engagement initiatives;

  • Recognize and  address the obstacles to launching a successful initiative;

  • And communicate the critical role of leadership communication in the engagement process.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate IABC Academy

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Module Description
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Course Definitions
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Lesson One: The Fundamentals of Leadership Engagement
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Case Study
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Case Facts: Relevant Developments
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Lesson One Knowledge Check
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Words of Wisdom from Simon Sinek
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Knowledge Check
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Lesson One Quiz
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Lesson One Summary
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Lesson One Application Assignment
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Lesson Two Description: Successful Staff Collaboration
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Lesson Two Introduction
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Case Study
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Case Study Continued
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Lesson Two Knowledge Check
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Silo Behavior
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The Business Case
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Research Continued
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Research Concluded
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Lesson Two Knowledge Check
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Lesson Two Quiz
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Lesson Two Summary
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Lesson Two Application Assignment
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Lesson Three: Preparing Leaders to Engage Others
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Lesson Three Introduction
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Engagement Realities: Employee Needs and Leader Compenencies
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Knowledge Check
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Eliminating Communication Blind Spots
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Knowledge Check
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Case Study Continued
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Leader Selection and the Cascade Effect
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Lesson Three Quiz
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Lesson Three Summary
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Lesson Three Application Assignment
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Lesson Three Additional Resources
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Lesson Four Introduction
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Communicating for Engagement: What's Changed?
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Case Study Concluded
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Knowledge Check
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Lesson Four Quiz
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Lesson Four Summary
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Lesson Four Application Assignment
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Course Summary
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Strategic Reputation Management Course Resources
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Course Evaluation Survey
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Added about 10 hours ago, by Anonymous
Great content, but there were a number of gaps in the information provided and the information tested. Some of the quiz/review questions are ambiguously worded, well.
Added 5 days ago, by Novaline
Added 8 months ago, by Dan
Added 9 months ago, by Felicia Renee
Added 10 months ago, by Stacey
Added over 1 year ago, by Juli
Added over 1 year ago, by alison
Added almost 2 years ago, by Sandra
Added almost 2 years ago, by Gillian
I found the content, particularly the research findings, to be informative. However, I found some of the knowledge check questions were ambiguous and could be answered either way depending on the context. I gave answers based on my 25-plus-years of experience, which in some cases differed from the knowledge check answers. I would have liked the ability to download all of the course material, even if it had a copyright watermark. For the most part, the content served to confirm and strengthen my knowledge and experience. Overall, I'm very pleased with the course content and how it was delivered. Thank you!
Added about 2 years ago, by Heather

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