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Put your professional development into overdrive with an annual all-access pass to the IABC Academy. As an all-access pass-holder, you’ll have unlimited access to all IABC Academy course content for one year from your date of purchase. IABC Academy offers dozens of self-paced and on-demand courses that can be completed online from anywhere and are based on the Global Standard of the Communication Profession. Be sure you’re logged in as an IABC member to receive the member rate when you purchase your pass. Courses and Learning Paths include: Research Made Easy: The Critical Data You Need for Communication Success (7 modules) Mastering Analytics: Customize Your Communication Measurement Plan (7 modules) Creating Communication Tactics That Drive Business Results (7 modules) Mastering Communication Leadership (6 modules) Learning Path - Communication Management Professional (CMP) Refresher (4 courses) Learning Path - Communication Planning and Auditing (2 courses) And many, many more. If it’s in the Academy, you’ll have access to it. With an IABC Academy All-access Pass, you’ll equip yourself with the in-depth learning that builds critical skills and knowledge, advances careers, and helps you generate real business results for your organization. Normally, all of these courses would cost more than US$5,700 for IABC members and US$7,800 for non-members. But, through the annual Academy All-access Pass, you get access to the complete course package for US$999 as an IABC member and US$1,499 as a non-member. It’s a great way to commit to year-round professional development or to earn the credits you need to maintain your professional certification. Read More

 Facilitated by Jeff Zwier “Do more with less” is a mantra that most of us in the communications field have gotten used to hearing. And since most of us see the communications function as fundamentally people-intensive, that means longer hours, lower quality, and a lot of stress to get our jobs done. Or does it? There has been an explosion in the development of new technologies, services and methods that promise to dramatically improve your ability to deliver better, more impactful communications in less time and at lower cost than ever before. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify opportunities to automate your work, stretch your budget and improve the quality of your communications program through the latest in innovative content creation and delivery methods, services and technologies. Please view this preview of the course. Jeff Zwier is a strategic communications leader and consultant helping organizations navigate change, implement leading-edge communications technologies, connect with their employees and get the most strategic value from their communications function. He has been featured as a speaker at global communications conferences as well as at several past IABC Chicago events. In addition to his current consulting role, he is an active author and instructor on organizational communications and change management. You can learn more about Jeff’s work via his LinkedIn posts or through his blog, The Art and Science of Business Communications ( Read More

   Presented by: Mary-Ellen Hynd, MBA, CPCC Leaders with emotional intelligence and training are needed at every level of an organization. During this workshop series, you will find clarity in your personal values as well as a deepened understanding of creative competencies versus reactive tendencies. Who should attend Mid career professionals seeking personal growth, improved relationships and career advancement Business owners ready to move their people and organization forward and up to the next level A Certified Professional Co-Active Global Coach, Mary-Ellen Hynd, MBA, CPCC, ACC specializes in coaching mid to senior level professionals within and outside organizations to develop a creative versus reactive leadership mindset to advance in their lives and careers. An Executive Coach and Educator for the Schulich Executive Education Centre, she brings sustainability and communication lenses to her assignments. Mary-Ellen is certified to deliver The Leadership Circle Profile™. Read More

Presented by Peggy O’Keefe   Communication strategies need to address diverse audiences, and developing compelling messages across generations can be challenging for both seasoned and emerging professionals. To establish rapport and credibility with people outside your peer group requires an awareness of generational differences in learning styles, presentation techniques and technology preferences. Presenting to a mixed-age audience compounds the issue. Using a case study approach, this course will explore the complexities a communicator faces when devising a communication strategy for internal or external audiences across the generational spectrum, and how to bridge the potential gaps. Learn how to assess an audience from a generational perspective, and develop strategies for successful message design, media and technology delivery choices, and recognizing audience engagement and disengagement—and what to do about it. Peggy O’Keefe is a business communication professional with experience as a corporate executive, educator, and consultant in strategic media communication and technology. Corporate experience includes corporate communication executive positions in Bankers Trust and The First Boston Corporation; and as a Vice President of Multimedia Communication in the Global Technology divisions of JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs. Early training as an educator inspired a human focus to her executive roles, emphasizing staff development, mentoring, and coaching.  In addition to global media technology management, her corporate work included recruitment, diversity management, and piloting flexible work arrangements. As an educator she focuses on university, executive, and professional/workforce development programs. She teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate level Marketing, Business Cross-cultural and Communication, Career Development, and Leadership and Human Capital Management courses at New York University, and Baruch College. Professional interests include cross-cultural communication and diversity management, particularly in intergenerational workplace relations. Her experience, expertise, and insights on these topics have been shared as a speaker and panelist at professional conferences. Read More

Presented by Donna Papacosta This course explains the value of content marketing for organizations and outlines how to get started reaping the benefits: increased inbound traffic to your site, better brand awareness, stronger engagement with your target audience, and ultimately leads and sales. Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications in Toronto, Canada, has been a practitioner of social media for more than 10 years. She has worked with dozens of organizations to help them reap the benefits of linking their content marketing and social media strategies. Co-author of The Business of Podcasting, she is a recognized leader in the podcasting field and is an expert in audio as a form of content marketing. A workshop leader and international speaker, Donna also teaches digital strategy and social media at the University of Toronto. Read More

  Instructor: Marilyn Barefoot Many of us have endured bad brainstorming sessions – where the most frequent insight is: “That would never work” and the end result is: “Keep doing what we’re doing, only do it better, faster, or re-package it in a different colour”. New ideas are like oxygen. They energize. They stimulate. They nourish. A brand is like the human body – if you only breathe the air you just exhaled, you’ll perish. But where do big ideas come from – and how do you get them? How do you facilitate a highly engaging, creatively focused brainstorming session that people look forward to attending … instead of dreading? Through this high energy, hands-on session, delegates will learn a wide range of unique brainstorming and facilitation techniques that will guarantee that you achieve big ideas. Every great team has a sparkplug, a unique energy source, an active ingredient… someone who helps to give the team a personality. For Barefoot Brainstorming, that someone is Marilyn Barefoot. Classically trained in tier one companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, General Mills, Nike and Microsoft, Marilyn combines a wickedly smart and analytical brain with an intuitive gut.  A summa cum laude graduate from major advertising agencies like Vickers & Benson, Bozell Palmer Bonner, Cossette Communications and BBDO, Marilyn is obsessive about originality. A three time nominee for the Rotman Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Marilyn Barefoot is also a much sought after speaker.  A hands-on leader, Marilyn’s high-energy brainstorming sessions lead to powerful results. Marilyn is the one who inspires teams to look at every project as an opportunity to be original!  Read More

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