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Get two of IABC Academy's popular self-paced courses, “Strategic Communication Planning” and “The Communication Audit,” in one affordable bundle. In "Strategic Communication Planning," IABC Fellow Mary Ann McCauley will instruct you on how to: Identify and describe the elements of the strategic planning process. Through research, identify and evaluate a business need or opportunity and audience characteristics. Develop measurable objectives to provide direction to deliver meaningful communication outcomes and outputs. Identify strategies and construct tactics that are consistent with research findings, the business need and audience preferences. Review and consider applied ethical dilemmas inherent in the strategic planning process. In "The Communication Audit," Gayle Goodman will instruct you on how to: Assess the communication culture within an organization Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s communications program. Measure the effectiveness of the existing communication channels within your organization. Recognize key indicators and establish benchmarks for evaluating communication impact. Develop strategies to address identified weaknesses and bridge gaps.   Normally, these courses cost $175 each for IABC members or $350 total, and $250 each or $500 total for non-members. But through this Learning Path, you get the package for $295 as an IABC member and $425 as a nonmember. This is a two-course Learning Path. Read More

Getting the most out of your team is critical for you and your organization's success. This two-workshop bundle gives you the tools you need to bring out the best in those working for you.  This is a 2 course Learning Path. Read More

Effective employee communication and engagement can take an organization from good to great. This bundle is ideal for the internal communication pro looking to take their career to the next level. This is a 3 course Learning Path. Read More

Get an edge in online marketing with this three-workshop bundle. You'll learn how to get started with tactics to increase inbound traffic, improve your writing for the web and learn how to use web stats to your advantage. This is a 3 course Learning Path. Read More

So much has changed in recent years as the communication tools have moved online. Hone your skills with these workshops on digital marketing and communicating across generations. This is a 2 course Learning Path. Read More

Learn critical social media skills from communications expert and published author Nicole Matejic. In “Using Analytics to Drive Social Media Success” Nicole will dive into Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics to show you how to read and apply smart data for strategic communications effect, as well as how to craft meaningful reports on your results for your organization or clients. In "Using Social Media as a Crisis Brand Newsroom,” she’ll give you the practical tools and knowledge you need to establish and deploy a social media crisis brand newsroom that gives your organization the ability to drive your crisis narrative. Read More

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